The Dawkins Letters

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When Richard Dawkins published The God Delusion, David Robertson wanted there to be an intelligent Christian response. After some ill thought through interventions in the media it was obvious that no one was really going to answer the real issues so David Robertson wrote an open letter to Richard Dawkins on his church website. This has found its way into Richard Dawkins website, where it generated the largest response of any posting before or since.

This ferocity of the responses and the shallowness of the thinking that it exhibited, spurred David to write this book. Christians need to know where Dawkins is weak and we need to explain things better It draws upon David's experience as a debater, letter writer, pastor and author.

This is a very honest book. It agrees with Dawkins where appropiate but also does not hesitate to point out where some of his thinking does not hold together It is written in a gentle spirit of enquiry.

if you want ideas and answers to the challenges of The God Delusion then Dawkins Letters is the place to find your answers